Dear Beloved,                                                                                          June 2020

            Greetings in the name of Jesus, our living Hope. Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. I pray that our Savior’s abundant grace, mercy and total well being from God the Father and the Anointed One, our Lord Jesus be yours. 

            What a day we live in. A day that is ripe for the harvest. A day when people can no longer put their hope in things, people, medicine, or any of the world system. It is like the curtain has been pulled back. Lies and darkness have been exposed, the devil is no longer hiding. Things have changed so quickly. I believe that we have arrived at the Church’s most Glorious moment. Sounds kind of crazy when you see all that is transpiring around the world, even in our Blessed USA. I would like to remind you a few truths that I have been meditating on. It is of utmost importance that we keep our minds set on the truth, and not on this shaky ever changing world. 

            Psalms 119:89 (TPT) says, “Standing firm in the heavens and fastened to eternity is the Word of God.” That’s right, it will never change and it will never lose its power. As a believer we can look at a situation, take our place of authority seated with Him in Heaven. We change the circumstances by releasing the forever settled Word of God over it. When Jesus said “It Is Finished” He conquered the kingdom of darkness and made a public display of satan’s defeat. Colossians 1:13 (TPT} says that He has rescued us completely from the tyrannical rule of darkness and has translated us into the Kingdom realm of His beloved Son. We are not fighting for victory over anything. We are fighting “from” victory, and because we are led in life by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, nothing should ever take us by surprise. He will always make sure we are not only prepared, but He will keep us in perfect peace through the storm. 

            Before this virus manifested, we were studying 1 Timothy 1:4 and 2 Timothy 3:1. Both talk about what to expect in these last days. We were able to anoint everyone in our churches, take communion together, and pray against this virus. We have stayed hidden in the secret place of the Most High safe from this demonic attack. We must keep our minds focused on His truth, and be led by the Spirit of God. I have realized that we cannot leave any room for the flesh nor our soulish realm to dominate us. The day we received Jesus into our hearts, our spirit man was reborn. We experienced a spiritual rebirth. We now have a New Covenant with our Father, a salvation package that provides healing, health, prosperity, and safety. It is our flesh and soul (mind, will and emotions) that are continuing to be changed by the Word of God. It is so important that our soul is fed by our spirit and not by our flesh. The winner between our spirit and our flesh will be determined by what we feed on, and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. 

            I don’t know about you, but I want to be here for the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God in this Church age that is about to come to a close. We have taken this time of quarantine to get our flesh into the best shape we have been in years. We really have to keep a tight leash on our flesh because it will take our soul into places that there is no peace. I have had to restrict myself from reading and watching news and other reports. I had to get myself on a good schedule and I have changed our diets too. It is amazing how good you can feel when you are taking care of yourself. Exercise and eating right are important but we all know that the most important part is to feed on the Word of God. When we do our souls can’t help but stay in peace because we see that Jesus has already overcome the world system. (John 16:33) 

            Jesus has given us, His church, His authority over sickness and disease, over demons and has given us power in prayer. I believe that these last two months, as hard as it’s been in some ways, has actually been a gift. It’s given us time to really check our belief system, to refocus, to get things in order and be ready for these final days. My prayer for each of us is that we are ready to be used by our Father, Savior and Holy Spirit. I pray we won’t be taken by surprise that sends us into fear. I pray that we see every situation, the beginning from the end. That we continue to speak with authority that gets heaven involved. I pray that we give everyone we come in contact with a chance to meet Jesus. We are in the beginning of the greatest days of our lives. God has hand picked each of us, anointed us, filled us with His Spirit and put exactly in the place we need to be to bring Him Glory.


In Him, 

Debra Bennett