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February 2024

Dear Family and Friends,


         I really enjoy being able to come to you in letter form once a month to share what the Lord has put on my heart for His Church.  I pray that each of you are as expectant as I am for this year of 2024.  The Church has been re-awakened to the importance of staying hopeful.  Expecting, no matter what the world is experiencing, the Word of the Lord keeps us in the secret place of the Most High!  What plans the enemy has for the world should not put us into fear.  The Bible doesn’t say that the promises of God are good, except for the end days.  It says that the Word of God is forever settled!  Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hallelujah!  We, now, more than ever, should have our faith built to its highest and most holy place.  If we are going to gather in the great harvest of souls, we can’t go around hopeless like the world.  Or should we be in fear like so many in the world are.

         Today, with great excitement, I am going to share with you the Word of the Lord that Callie received for this season we have entered.  She put it to song also and it is so powerful.  She released it at a church last month.  I along with one of the Pastors were healed immediately while worshiping to it and receiving the power of God through it.  So, get ready to receive as I release it to you.  Keep this letter and continue to mediate on it.  It can touch a different part of your life every time you read it.  Share it with those you know need to hear from our Savior.


THIS IS IT!!!  Season of fire!  Season for fire!  Season for miracles! Season for healings like never before!  Increase in the anointing!  Power and fire, higher!

Coming up higher than ever before! Be expecting, be expecting!  New things, new things!  Exciting things!  New open doors! Wave after wave, you’ll be astonished!  Joy beyond compare!  Joy unexplainable! Turning mourning into dancing, and sorrows into joy! Inexplicable Joy!  Joy, Joy, Joy, of the Holy Ghost!  Times of refreshing like never before!  Unfailing, never-ending flow, outpouring, never unending outpouring of the flowing just one after the other and the other and the other and the other to overflowing for cups running over with joy, power, and fire!

Year of Joy, Power, and Fire! From that joy flows healing, from that joy flows the salvation, from that joy flows the deliverance and times of refreshing.  For the restless soul, for to be made whole.  To be made whole, whole, whole, whole, I want the body whole!  Whole as one piece!  Whole as one body, working in unity!  Mending and molding, moving, and syncing together, flowing in unity. Syncopated blessing.  The outpouring, the outpouring, the outpouring, and drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking to overflowing.  I want my Body overflowing, overflowing!  To be a Blessing, to be a Blessing! For out of the abundance of my heart flows my speaking to those who are listening.  Come up higher and see, come up higher and flow, come up higher and see and I’ll tell you things to come.  I’ll show you things.  Healing to be made whole, healing to be made whole.  Whole is the goal!  Whole is the goal.  Whole is the goal! 


Receive in Jesus Name!


You are loved,

         Dr. Debra Bennett

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