May 2022

Dear Partners and Family,

I greet you in the tender loving Grace of Jesus. It’s the most amazing time to be alive.  Prepare your hearts for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that has begun.  I could not wait to write this letter because the Lord has confirmed this Word over and over again to me.  I pray you give a big Amen at the end so it shall be done in your life.  

         I am hearing too many believers that have settled in their hearts that they must prepare for perilous times.  Listen we live according to John 17:16 (TPT) “we no longer belong to this world.”  We are in the world but not of it.  Because of this we live by a completely different set of rules.  In my life I have come to realize that our Father loves when the odds are completely against Him.  That is when the finished work of Jesus is most Glorified.  As the world gets darker and darker, the church will get brighter and brighter.  Our Redeemer is coming for a Glorified church.  We are going to see signs, wonders and miracles that we are going to have a hard time believing we are seeing.

         We are in the days of everything stolen from the church to be returned 7 fold because we know who the thief is.  One of the best examples of restoration in the Bible is the book of Job.  In this story we learn that first, God saw Job as a righteous man, he was blameless and upright. Second, we see that the devil in one day took all his children and everything he owned.  After that he came for Job’s health.  Even though Job was righteous in the eyes of God, Job still had a root of self-righteousness, and God loved Job so much that He allowed this disruption in Job’s life to learn.  Job is representing believers today.  We are righteous because of Jesus.  

         Job had 3 well-meaning friends that came to minister to him.  What started out as a good thing ends horrible.  Each in their own way told Job that what he was going through was because of his own sin, or possibly a generational sin.  However, it was Job’s response that really showed the change that needed to be made was in his thinking.  Changing our thinking, changes our life.  In Job 40 he speaks of himself 40 times and says things like, I was eyes to the blind, I was feet to the Lame.  He only mentions God 5 times.  

         If we are going to receive all that Jesus died for us to have, days of heaven, an abundant life, all the promises yes and amen, then we must stop trying to earn them.  Colossians 3:23(TPT) says, “put your heart and soul into every activity you do, as though you are doing it for the Lord himself and not merely others.” We serve Him because Jesus did.  He taught us how to live.  Jesus didn’t say, “Look Father, look at all I’ve done for you.”  He just did what He saw the Father do, and He was abundantly blessed.  So now we walk and talk like Jesus.  We live the predestined life he prepared for us and everything we need to accomplish it and more will be ours.

         In these last 10 years there has been such an attack on the church.  It’s time for restoration and reparations.  Job’s health, family, and wealth was restored to him.  He received double what was taken.  Zechariah 9:12 (AMP) says, “Return to the stronghold of security and prosperity, O prisoners who have the hope; Even today I am declaring that I will restore double to you.”  Everything that has been stolen, even things that never made it to our possession, things we never knew were ours are coming back to us times two, and remember when God restores it is better than what we lost.

         But wait there is more.  We know that these last few years have been a spiritual battle.  We have been at war with the kingdom of darkness, and so I want you to know “Reparation” has two definitions.  

1.       Compensation in money, material, labor, etc…payable by a defeated country to another country or to an individual for loss suffered during or as a result of war.

2.       Monetary or other compensation payable by a country to an individual for a historical wrong.

This is exactly what has happened.  The kingdom of hell has killed, stolen, and destroyed so many things in our lives, but it is “NOW” time for Reparation!  So, let’s get our eyes on the finished work.  Let’s receive this Word of the Lord.  And let’s build the kingdom, preparing for all the new saints coming in.  

         You are blessed because of Jesus Christ.  Get ready! Your greatest days are at hand!

You are loved,                                                                                                           Dr. Debra Bennett