August 2022

Dear Partners and Family,

         Greetings in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ.  Grace and peace, inner calm and spiritual well-being, from God our Father and our Savior.  I thank God for His grace that has been given to each of you.  Because of His grace you are enriched in Him, in all speech, empowered by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with all knowledge of insight into the faith.  You are not lacking in anything.  You have been fully equipped to fulfill that which He has called you to do on this earth.  Glory to Jesus!

         For the last couple of weeks, I have been teaching on finding the will of God for your life.  I believe there is an anointing and a grace right now for doors to open leading to your destiny.  At the beginning of covid the Lord told me that He has called every believer to active duty.  Everyone finding their place for the building of the Kingdom here on earth.  No more Sunday morning bench warmers.  Everyone has a place, and everyone is a specific part of the body of Christ.  For everyone that doesn’t fulfill their part, it leaves more work for the faithful few.  I am hearing of so many Pastors that are exhausted because they are doing what others are called to do.  Honestly, we want our ministers taken care of.  We want them to have time to pray, study and seek the face of the Father.  We want a fresh Word from the Lord every time we assemble.  

         It’s funny when I study to teach, I get taught.  I was listening to a minister one day that was so brilliant.  His English was perfect, and he used all these magnificent words, (most I had no clue of what their meaning was) but it sounded so good.  I told Ellson, sometimes I feel so inadequate.  I don’t minister like a lot of these other ministers.  Of course, he assured me that God has placed me with an audience that understands the way I teach.  Then I returned to my desk to continue studying and this scripture was starring me in the face.

         1 Corinthians 1:26-27 “But God has selected for his purpose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, revealing their ignorance, and God has selected for his purpose the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, revealing their frailty). He has chosen the foolish and weak to qualify for his abundant blessings.”

It doesn’t say that we will stay that way. By God’s unmerited favor they will put to shame the so called wise and mighty things in the world. In His hands of grace foolish things become wise and mightier than the things of the world.  Why?  So that no one will be able to boast in the presence of God. 

         If you are reading this and still wondering what God has for you to do here on earth, or if you are reading this and you have every excuse why you are not stepping into what He has called you too, read this scripture a few more times, and by the way, age does not limit God.  

         Two things that must happen now.  First, you must make the decision that your life is not your own.  With a humble heart accept His calling.  Second, get a Word from God.  I don’t believe one of these is greater than the other.  Everything I have stepped out to do for the Lord the enemy has met me at the starting gate to see if I am really committed and to see if I will stand and not quit.  His Word to me is always my weapon of warfare and the rock on which I stand.

 So much has been done in our predestination.  A book was written about every day of your life long before you ever took a breath.  My question to you is, don’t you want to fulfill all that He has written?      

You are loved,

Dr. Debra Bennett