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Wakiyan Ho' Was'te'

Good Voice Thunder

Ellson Bennett is a Prolific Speaker, Pastor, Teacher, Traveling Minister, a renowned Native American Artist, a Narrative Music Artist, and an Advocate who travels extensively throughout the United States and the world. Co-Founder of Covenant of Faith Ministries, a ministry of many outreaches devoted to preaching and teaching the uncompromised Word of God in Grace and Truth to all Nations around the world. 


         Well-known for his balanced Biblical teaching, Ellson teaches through the extraordinary riches of his Native American Culture. To articulately express the Love of the Creator is the desire of his heart. This is accomplished through outreaches such as: Covenant of Faith Church, Restoration to the Reservation Campaigns, REZIOX Youth Ministry, Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministry, Voices of Thunder Conference, Reservation Education, Healing of the Nations Motorcycle Rally, and the many speaking engagements from Indian Reservations to the Metropolitan. Ellson is in demand today because of his inspiring messages of victory, faith and vivid illustrations from the Bible. 


         Covenant of Faith is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation with two Churches established on the Navajo Nation. It’s headquarters are located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Hidden Springs, Arizona at the mouth of the Grand Canyon, and their second location is located in the Kaibeto, Arizona just 30 minutes east of Page, Arizona. Covenant of Faith was established in 2005 by Ellson and his wife, Debra Bennett and they now conduct meetings across America along with pastoring on the Navajo Nation. The ministry continues to steadily move forward with the message of Grace, Faith and Love to all people.


         Ellson has had the opportunity to minister to millions of people through the power of television through movies, shows, The Believer’s Voice of Victory, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network working with some of his spiritual mentors such as Kenneth Copeland, Willie George, Kenneth Hagin Sr. and Jerry Savelle to name a few.


To name a few special video projects, Ellson was a part of the highly inspiring documentary movie “Awakened: The Spiritual Destiny of the First Americans” which is made available on Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms. He was also a part of the major hit series and shows of the Gospel Bill Show with Pastor Willie George with Church on the Move in the 90s including painting one of the covers of the Covenant Rider Movie series. 


In 2017, Ellson and his family were adopted into the Lakota Nation with the Miniconjou Band, and he was honored with the name Wakiyan Ho' Was'te' meaning 'Good Voice Thunder'. 


In 2019 Ellson released his first Narrative EP album entitled 'My Anthology' and performed live at the Native American Music Awards in New York with his daughter Callie. His single 'My Supplication' was nominated for Best Indie Single of that Year. His Album ‘My Anthology’ was nominated in the year 2022 in the Native American Music Awards. 


In the year 2020, Ellson received a Honorary Doctorates in Theology from Lifepoint Christian University and in 2021 received another Honorary Doctorates from Kenneth Copeland Bible College. 


Ellson is known as a spiritual and community leader amongst his tribal communities and has also served in years past his involvement in the Navajo Nation’s Tribal Government. 


Today Ellson resides on the Navajo Nation in Arizona with his family. 

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