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Kiima Piit Pits Akii

Debra Bennett is a Pastor and co-founder of Covenant of Faith Church, which was established in 2005.


Along with co-founding Covenant of Faith Church located on the Navajo Nation in Hidden Springs, Arizona she also has served as a minister in women's prisons, held women's meetings, and has traveled with her husband Ellson Bennett extensively throughout the United States and North America.

In 2012 Debra received the high honor of receiving a Blackfeet Name given from the Chief of the Blackfeet Nation, Chief Old Person. Her Blackfeet name, Kiima Piit Pits Akii, pronounced Gee-ma-beet-bits-ahgee, means 'Takes Pity Woman' but has the deeper meaning of 'Woman who has compassion on a whole large group of people'. 


Debra is a Pastor at Covenant of Faith Church and over the prayer department of Covenant of Faith. She holds monthly women's meetings at Covenant of Faith Church, and teaches the uncompromised meat of the word of God from some of her in depth studying of the Bible.

Debra has the giftings of hospitality, grace, and love, and has a passion and a heart to see all nations come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus and walk in their full destiny.

Takes Pity woman

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