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2023 Word of the Lord

Received by Pastor Ellson December 2022

It's beyond all expectations.

The day has come…

I will work a work beyond men’s understanding and expectations. 

I will accelerate things, that needs to be accelerated. 

I will decelerate things, that needs to be delayed. 

I will bring life to those things that need life. 

I will make everything right again. 

For I have already made a way, where there is no way. 

Rest in my peace and trust my ways. 

And you shall see my provision day after day. 

So rejoice and be glad for I have already set you up for extraordinary victories!



Lady Liberty.... will be made whole just like the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible. She had the issue of blood for years. Many had try to help her and spend all she had,but rather grew worse. She was in quarantine and then she stepped out in faith. She walked through the mob of people, maybe even riots. She kept her eyes and her faith on Jesus. By faith she reached out to Jesus and was made whole. She continued to tell of how God shed amazing grace on her to the world. 


Received by Pastor Ellson June 4th, 2020

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