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'Asdzáá Táchii'nii

Red Running into Water Woman

Callie Bennett is the Praise and Worship Leader/Director at her home church Covenant of Faith and works for the Church and Ministry as their Executive Administrator.


She began leading worship at her church at the tender age of 15 and through her time in ministry she has taught youth groups, traveled with her family in ministry, sang for her Father, Ellson Bennett, as he ministered, and has ministered through music on the Trinity Broadcasting Network of Arizona.


In 2011 she released her first album entitled 'Glorify' and was nominated in the Native American Music Awards for Best Female Artist and Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording.


In 2016 Callie was apart of the highly inspiring documentary movie "Awakened: The Spiritual Destiny of the First Americans” through which her singles ‘Rise Up, ‘Awake Arise and Shine’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ were released through the Film’s Soundtrack. 


In 2017 Callie placed her single ‘Awake Arise and Shine’ into the 2017 Native American Music Awards and won Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording of the year.  Callie also released her highly anticipated second album entitled ‘Awake Arise Shine’, and in the same year Callie and her family were adopted into the Lakota Nation with the Miniconjou Band where her Father, Ellson Bennett, received the Lakota Name Wakiyan Ho' Was'te' meaning 'Good Voice Thunder'. 


Callie is inspired by her inherited Native American culture. Not only have the Navajo People adopted and embraced her, but she has embraced the People and their heritage as her own. Callie has received the special honor of receiving her Navajo name from her great grandmother calling her 'Asdzáá Táchii'nii meaning 'Red Running into Water Woman'. 


Callie's heart is to see all come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior whether through teaching the Word or expressing His Love through the message of song. 


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